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TurboForth.net is the companion web site for the TurboForth system written in TMS9900 Assembly Language by Mark Wills for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer.

What's New

* Version 1.2.2 Now Released *

Can now save and load memory image files; added COINC for sprite collision detection; added keyboard delay for Geneve; and more.

CATCH and THROW - exception handling in Forth
John Conway's Game of Life
New DATA[ article uploaded to the resources page
Local Variable Library V1.1 published
Sprite to Background Collision Detection - a new library for TurboForth!

TurboForth Features

This Site

Since the TI-99/4A cannot realistically support an on-line help system, this site has been created to document all the features of TurboForth. Quite literally an online-help system! All the Forth words available in TurboForth from power-up are documented here with examples, stack signatures etc. There is also a section on what the Forth language "is" for new-comers to the language. Technical information, such as the memory map are also available, in addition to numerous support libraries. Source code is available to browse online, in addition to a downloadable archive.


If you want to communicate with other Forth-minded individuals (there's more of us than you think!) then comp.lang.forth is a good place. If you want to communicate with TI-99/4A Forth nerds (or just TI-99/4A nerds/programmers/fans in general, then I and a bunch of others hang out on the really cool TI-99/4A Development pages over at Atariage.com - yes, a website ostensibly dedicated to Atari machines, but which (very kindly) hosts a TI-99/4A forum for us nerdy types.

You can email the author at this email address:

Current Version

TurboForth is currently at V1.2.1:1 (the :1 means build 1), which can generally be considered stable. Please report any bugs to the author at the email address above.


Update History

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