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TurboForth.net is the companion web site for the TurboForth system written in TMS9900 Assembly Language by Mark Wills for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer.

TurboForth Features

  • Fast - most of the words in the TurboForth vocabulary are written in TMS9900 Assembly Language for the fastest possible execution speed
  • Compact - produces some of the most compact, memory efficient code possible on the TI-99/4A
  • Complete - Hosted on a plug in cartridge. TurboForth is a complete, self hosting language. No need to load it from disk, occupying valuable memory space
  • Feature Rich
    • 40 Column mode
    • 80 Column mode
    • 32 Column mode
    • 32 Sprites
    • Speech supported (speech synthesizer required)
  • Numerous support packages available:
  • Free - Image files for PC-based emulators are completely free. Plug in cartridges are available for a nominal fee to cover cost of the EPROM (non-profit)

This Site

Since the TI-99/4A cannot realistically support an on-line help system, this site has been created to document all the features of TurboForth. Quite literally an online-help system! All the Forth words available in TurboForth from power-up are documented here with examples, stack signatures etc. There is also a section on what the Forth language "is" for new-comers to the language. Technical information, such as the memory map are also available, in addition to numerous support libraries. The Source code is available to browse online.


If you want to communicate with other Forth-minded individuals (there's more of us than you think!) then comp.lang.forth is a good place. If you want to communicate with TI-99/4A Forth nerds (or just TI-99/4A nerds/programmers/fans in general, then I and a bunch of others hang out on the really cool TI-99/4A Development pages over at Atariage.com - yes, a website ostensibly dedicated to Atari machines, but which (very kindly) hosts a TI-99/4A forum for us nerdy types.

You can email the author at this email address:

Current Version

TurboForth is currently at V1.2.1:1 (the :1 means build 1), which can generally be considered stable. Please report any bugs to the author at the email address above.


Update History

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